Terms of Service

In order to use or access Muft Mashwara, you agree to understand and acknowledge all of the following terms.

  1. All comments, expressions and opinions displayed here are by our users and hence Muft Mashwara cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred through the use of this Service.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to create an account and use the services of Muft Mashwara.

  1. You must provide Muft Mashwara with accurate information when you create an account on the Service.

  1. We strongly encourage you to use strong passwords with your accounts. Muft Mashwara will not be accountable for any damages if you fail to comply with this standard practice. Use a combination of lower and upper case letters with numbers and symbols to create strong passwords.

  1. Muft Mashwara is not the owner of any content submitted by users on any of the services offered online (Web, Mobile and Application) or offline. Users retain ownership of all content that is made available on Muft Mashwara. Texts, videos, graphics, gifs, audios and /or other similar material, all constitutes as "Content".

  1. Since Muft Mashwara is not the owner of any content that is submit on the Service; any information in the form of text, image, video and/or audio related to legal, medical, political and/or military matters should not be considered credible and therefore, it is recommended to all users that they seek the proper channels/experts for appropriate and legitimate solutions.

    1. As an example if someone advises you to eat a tablet of Panadol for headaches, then instead of agreeing to it because it is submitted on our Service, you should seek diagnosis from a doctor.

    2. Muft Mashwara is not liable in the event of any loss or damage that occurs to you if you agree to act upon any information provided by fellow member(s) on our Service.

  1. By sharing content/information in any form on or through Muft Mashwara, users grant the right to use your content/information for internal and external purposes. Your content will be made available to others on the World Wide Web. No parties will be compensated for content shared on Muft Mashwara

  1. Muft Mashwara reserves the right to remove or reject any content on the service.

  1. In order to share content/information on the Service you agree that the Service will not be used for the following in any way:

    1. Broadly, for any activity that is considered unlawful/illegal by the state of Pakistan and other countries.

    2. To provide information related to ammunition, weapons and of similar sorts.

    3. Sharing content that violates rules of any copyright, trademark and/or intellectual property of other organizations or people

      1. Muft Mashwara will respond to notices that indicate that any content shared on the service is not in-line with the above mentioned policies and appropriate action will be taken accordingly. This action may include removing the content but not limited to it.

    4. Providing misleading or deceptive content.

    5. Impersonating a person or an entity.

    6. Trade secrets are prohibited unless you are the rightful owner of it or have permission to share it legally.

    7. Any information related to terrorism is strictly prohibited.

    8. Sharing inappropriate/misleading information about any religion.

    9. Promotion of illegal or unlawful activities.

    10. Sharing private/personal information of other people without their consent.

    11. Sharing content that contains any type of virus or computer/network attacks that might cause damage to others and the Service.

    12. Sharing content, participating in or promoting activity inciting hate, violence or prejudice against any individual or group based on but not limited to their affiliations/lifestyle/race/belief/gender etc.

  1. In case of any violation of the Terms of Service, Muft Mashwara reserves the right to take appropriate actions against the violator(s).

  1. If requested, Muft Mashwara is legally bound to comply with lawful agencies of Pakistan such as Department of Cyber Crime and share relevant details.

  1. Apart from content provided by the users, Muft Mashwara owns all the Proprietary Right included but not limited to Name of Service, Development etc.

    Muft Mashwara reserves the right to terminate any content from the service, and/or terminate the account of violator or take any legal action..

    Additionally, Muft Mashwara reserves the right to change Terms of Service anytime without prior notice or intimation.