Privacy Policy

Safeguarding your privacy is extremely important to us. As a part of our policy, we will not disclose any personal information or content submitted by you on the Service to any third party. However, in case of any violation of Terms of Service or when demanded by legal institutes of Pakistan, Muft Mashwara is legally bound to participate and cooperate with the relevant authorities.

Personal information such as Name, Gender, Education and/or Occupation will be made public, therefore anyone can view it. In addition to this, the content/information shared by you on the Service is also publicly viewable. Which means that your content can be reposted on the internet and can be explored on search engines.

All comments, expressions and opinions expressed here are by our users and hence Muft Mashwara cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred through the use of this Service

Muft Mashwara adheres to all standards of security to protect the information on the Service. However, we cannot guarantee that the information and content that you have submitted to the Service gets accessed by any foreign or internal breach in our security protocols.

Additionally, Muft Mashwara reserves the right to change Privacy Policy anytime without prior notice or intimation.